Friday, March 12, 2010

5 Months and Counting

We have a winner for Taryn's first college apartment. And, now Mom and Dad are faced with the mixed emotions of being empty-nesters. Excited for our daughter we are, but scared, anxious, and sad are among the other feelings gripping us on a daily basis. In August, we will pack up most of her belongings, along with sacrificed dishes, towels, small appliances and furniture from around our house and drive her 4 hours away. Where we will unpack her, set her place up, and load her up with groceries before we drive the long, agonizing trip home. Alone. Just the two of us. Nuff said.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Gator Family

Yes, it's true. My daughter got accepted to University of Florida for pre-med. The Gators. Chomp chomp. And out from the closet comes all my old orange and blue! A few parallels to my alma mater (Syracuse). Orange and blue and 3.5 hours from home. Minus the snow of course.

This weekend is our first road trip to the campus to hunt for housing. A dorm girl, she is not. Although we are signing up for the dorms as a back up, we are apartment hunting. My baby girl will be leaving me in a few short months, and she's taking my granddoggy with her. Where's the justice?

On this weekend's agenda, the following apartment complexes for those who want to follow along - or vote for your pic. The goal is to stay near campus and sorority row (BIG campus) to give her as much of the college experience as possible. You can get alot more bang for your buck off the opposite side of campus, however, it's a few miles away and she would bus to classes. Maybe for her 2nd year.

Looking Glass Apartments - close to library the "The Swamp" restaurant. A little worried about the neighborhood and the condition of the place. Multiple 2 bedrooms to choose from and affordable. Says only takes cats so we have to see if they consider our large hamster acceptable.

Margaret Manor - 3 blocks to my favorite sorority. Only 4 two-bedroom apartments in the building. No amenities, but nice looking place. Worried about safety as it seems a little off the beaten path. Will take the peanut.

Campus View Place - Owned by a friend, brand new. Only one parking spot and pretty high on the price list. Will do a partial year lease, but daughter will use the place 2nd year.

Wildflower Apartments - Looks like a great location and great amenities. Problem being price, can only afford possibly the 3 bedroom but only have 2 girls so far.

Windsor Hall - Off campus dorm concept. Dog is a no go, but this is a back up if the roommate or the apartment thing doesn't work out. Benefits are you are guaranteed your room choice, and singles are an option. Plus full kitchen in the building and kitchenette's in the rooms. Good location.

If none of these work out, we move to the opposite side of town, where I've heard there are many great places...Canopy, Woodlands, Museum Walk, etc. That would be trip number 2.

Look forward to your votes!