Monday, April 5, 2010

An Egg Hunt for All Ages

The weather this Easter was absolutely perfect in Florida. In the morning, we lingered over eggs and coffee, made by our resident junior chef, Taryn. At noon, Gene, Taryn and I headed out for a scenic 10-mile bike ride. The wind made it a bit challenging at times, but overall a great ride together. Dinner this year was a break from tradition, since my cousin Cheryl took off to Southern Cali for Spring Break instead of slaving over dinner for us (the nerve). And my mother, the newly retired half back, also ditched me for the mountains of North Cakalaki.

So we headed across the Caloosahatchee to our oldest and dearest friends and substitute family, the Bolebruch's. Christine's sister Pam made us hold an Easter egg hunt, even though our children range from 15 to 24. Surprisingly, the kids took well to it and even got a little competitive looking for the trading cards we hid along with the eggs. Next year, they want more eggs we were told.

It was a beautiful evening, Mike made a lovely ham and Gene smoked a turkey. I always feel at home with my buddies in the Cape, they are just like family. We did miss Forrest, however, but his dog Jenny made us feel like he was there. I still have one unanswered question though... why is there a tri-pod in your bedroom Chris?