Sunday, July 25, 2010

Class of 2010

This Spring has been centrally focused on our awesome daughter, Taryn. It has been a bittersweet time in our household as her high school graduation approached and passed, and the countdown to our empty nest has ensued. As I've watched other parents this year going through the same emotions, I've noticed a slightly more intense variety in those of us with an only child. There are no more children to follow, so the feeling of finality looms over us. We are happy yet anxious. Proud yet worried. Excited yet cautious. Relieved yet saddened.

The last couple months have been filled with good times and special celebrations. Senior Prom. Senior Inspiration Celebration. Graduation. Graduation parties. A new job. College preview. Apartment shopping. Our dearest friends and family have come to join and celebrate with us. There have been many "lasts" and just as many "firsts". The last prom, the last exams, the last day of school, the last grad party. The first job (outside of being supported by her Aunt and Uncle 30acre ;), the first apartment, the first college schedule, the first college ID, the first roommate, and the first... umm, tattoo.

We are at 19 days and counting until we move Taryn into her apartment in Gainesville, Florida. Flashbacks to my days at Syracuse are now commonplace. Many parallels, from the orange and blue to the 4 hour drive. I will admit, Taryn's roommate's mother and I have fantasized of the two of us going to live in their place and leaving them here. Gene and I have preplanned Fall football games and weekends as Gators.

College is such a promising time, full of hope and change and new experiences and fear and trepidation. I cannot think of a time, aside from perhaps my pregnancy, when I had such emotions. I am beyond excited for Taryn and all that her life can become. I have a feeling, as I'm sure many of you are thinking as well, that I am not going to handle this well. Taryn and I are connected. Really connected. And I will miss the heck out of her. I wish her joy and happiness and fun times... but...parting is such sweet sorrow. :'(