Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 Travels in Review

I don't think I've ever spent so much of New Year's Eve day utterly shocked that the year in over. In some ways, 2008 has felt like the longest year ever, but in other ways it's been a whirlwind. As far as my travels go, I managed to squeeze in a good amount in 08.

As usual, I kicked off the year heading to NYC for the glitz and glamour of Times Square and the Adrian Awards. I probably made at least a half dozen trips to Florida's Gulf Islands of Anna Maria, Longboat Key and Bradenton throughout the year... partly for fun, partly for work (my work is fun so it counts either way!). I celebrated my 20 year anniversary in Charleston in April (my first time there and loved it). 

Over the summer, I hit Gainesville and the University of Florida on the way to New York, Connecticut and Maine. September boasted a return to my alma mater, Syracuse University. October included a work-related focus group in Orlando and back again in November for a press check. November proved to be a busy travel month with a jaunt up to Panama City Beach for a new client presentation and then a weekend in Jersey/New York for my grandmother's 90th birthday. December rounded it out with a relaxing weekend back in Anna Maria Island for Taryn's 17th.

My goal was to travel at least once a quarter and to visit a couple new places. I accomplished both! 2009 already has travel on the books with Panama City Beach, Bradenton, New York City and Tampa for the Superbowl all scheduled for January! My resolution for 09... keep traveling while I still love it and I still can! If you missed out on any of my travel posts from 08, just browse through the archives for all the adventure. Thanks for reading and for all your comments... Happy New Year and Happy Travels!


memorialis said...

Hi Mare, don't forget about about all the yummy places you have gotten to eat! Lets do that in 09' too! :-)

Ruth said...

Thanks Marianne for the great tips. Me and my husband and teenage daughters are staying at the Tortuga for Easter. I have never stayed in this part of Florida but have been reading a lot about it. I am even more excited now and will be sure to stop at Hurricane Hanks (I think that was the name)

Marianne Cushing said...

Ruth, have fun at the Tortuga. You will love it there! It's very quaint and quiet, which my teenager just loves. She says it helps her get away from the pressures of school! (Even teenagers need to be rejuvenated!) Take your daughters to a shop called The Sanddollar - lots of hip clothes and cool stuff. And visit, - the destination's food lovers site.

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